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UNIJET is an innovative company which offers high quality products for innumerable areas of application in the construction and marine sectors, along with a broad range of industries.

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Aluminum plants

Output pressure (bar):
-Filters ~500bar
-Τanks ~1000bar
-Floors ~500bar


Output pressure (bar):
-Expansion joints ~500bar
-Grease ~500bar hot water
-Rubber ~1400bar
-Runways ~2800bar

Chemical plants

Output pressure (bar):
-Chemical tanks ~1000bar
-Heat exchangers ~1000bar
-Reactors ~1700bar
-Storage tanks ~2800bar

Metal plants

Output pressure (bar):
-Μill scale ~1400bar
-Rust ~2800bar
-Tanks ~1400bar
-Tubes ~2800bar


Output pressure (bar):
-Decontamination ~350bar
-Cleaning machinery ~500bar
-Cleaning of vehicles ~500bar

Marine & offshore

Output pressure (bar):
-Removal of marine growth and paint ~500bar
-Removal of rust ~2800bar
-Tank cleaning ~1400bar
-Storage tanks, boilers ~1400bar

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