At UNIJET, units are created by people for people. In an inspiring team, discipline,expertise and experience are combined to become an unrivalled creative force. The common goal is to achieve the perfect, harmonious development process for constructing a unit. The unique feature of this process is the internal construction competition. It ensures that the power of innovation is always present. Only a strong team with a professional approach can successfully complete this demanding competitive stage. Commitment, enthusiasm, perfection and a passion for every single detail are the key elements in producing a successful unit.

Aluminum plants

Output pressure (bar):
-Filters ~500bar
-Τanks ~1000bar
-Floors ~500bar


Output pressure (bar):
-Expansion joints ~500bar
-Grease ~500bar hot water
-Rubber ~1400bar
-Runways ~2800bar

Chemical plants

Output pressure (bar):
-Chemical tanks ~1000bar
-Heat exchangers ~1000bar
-Reactors ~1700bar
-Storage tanks ~2800bar

Metal plants

Output pressure (bar):
-Μill scale ~1400bar
-Rust ~2800bar
-Tanks ~1400bar
-Tubes ~2800bar


Output pressure (bar):
-Decontamination ~350bar
-Cleaning machinery ~500bar
-Cleaning of vehicles ~500bar

Marine & offshore

Output pressure (bar):
-Removal of marine growth and paint ~500bar
-Removal of rust ~2800bar
-Tank cleaning ~1400bar
-Storage tanks, boilers ~1400bar

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About Us

UNIJET is an innovative company which offers high quality products for innumerable areas of application in the construction and marine sectors, along with a broad range of industries.

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