UNIJET is an innovative company which offers high quality products for innumerable areas of application in the construction and marine sectors, along with a broad range of industries. The company designs and manufactures professional high pressure and ultra-high pressure water jetting systems from 200 bar up to 3,500 bar.
UNIJET has been at the forefront for manufacturing water jetting systems according to the latest technology and design, exceeding the highest industry standards. With more than 45 models the company has established its place across Europe and the Middle East. None the less, it constantly empowers and expands its distributors’ network worldwide.
UNIJET is a European company committed to providing quality while giving the highest priority to safety and environmental performance, as well as workplace wellbeing.

At UNIJET, units are created by people for people. In an inspiring team, discipline, expertise and experience have united to form an unrivalled creative force that ensures innovative power is always present.
We are a value-driven company committed to excellence, creativity, gratitude and integrity. We believe that perfection and passion for every single detail are the keys to success and we invest in research and new products’ development.
Remember that your needs and interests are our mission. No matter what your request is, our skilled staff and experts will overcome the challenge.

Customers with unique needs drive us to develop and launch new products. Our willingness to custom-engineer solutions to satisfy specific needs makes us the go-to water jet technology supplier.
Everything we do has a custom feel to it. We customize and optimize our water jets to meet your expectations and improve your operational success.
We believe your satisfaction is the key to success. We therefore invest in operational excellence to guarantee excellent added value to your process.
When confronted with the most demanding work conditions, Unijet water jetting systems can be the No. 1 choice for you!

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