Applications Output pressure (bar)
Aluminum plants Filters ~500bar
Tanks ~1000bar
Floors ~500bar
Aviation Expansion joints ~500bar
Grease ~500bar hot water
Rubber ~1400bar
Runways ~2800bar
Chemical plants chemical tanks ~1000bar
heat exchangers ~1000bar
reactors ~1700bar
storage tanks ~2800bar
Metal plants mill scale ~1400bar
rust ~2800bar
tanks ~1400bar
tubes ~2800bar
Military decontamination ~350bar
cleaning machinery ~500bar
cleaning of vehicles ~500bar
Marine & offshore Removal of marine growth and paint ~500bar
removal of rust ~2800bar
tank cleaning ~1400bar
storage tanks, boilers ~1400bar
Mining Cleaning of trucks ~500bar
underground haulage lines ~1400bar
rock, dust ~2800bar
Municipalities Drains, pipe, lines ~200bar
tanks, vehicles ~500bar
Foundries Removal of deposits ~1000bar
Rust ~2800bar
Highways Cleaning of fats, grease, oils, mud tar ~500bar
stripe removal ~2800bar
concrete demolition on road bridges ~2800bar
Breweries Heat exchangers ~800bar
Boilers ~1400bar
tanks, tubes ~1400bar
Food plants oils, grease ~500bar
mixers, facilities, ovens ~1000bar
Distilleries Heat exchangers ~800bar
pipes, boilers, tanks ~1400bar
Petrochemical plants Removal of carbon ~500bar
Reactors, tanks, cooling towers ~1400bar
metal cutting ~2800bar
Pharmaceutical Cleaning of chemicals from pipes, tubes, reactors heat exchangers ~1400bar
Pipe industry removal of grease, fat and oils ~600bar
removal of rust ~2800bar
Power plants Nuclear decontamination ~1000bar
Metal cutting ~2800bar
Railroad Cleaning of rail lines ~500bar
Cleaning of tanks from paint and rust ~2800bar
Refineries Tanks, pipes, Heat exchangers ~1000bar
Metal cutting ~2800bar
Steel plants Heat exchangers, pipes, boilers ~1400bar
Surface preparation Removal of paint ~500bar
removal of concrete ~1400bar
removal of rust ~2800ba
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