Unijet D 500 Bar - 30 Lpm

Waterjetting unit with sandblasting and hot water compatibility up to 500 bar, driven by a diesel engine for the Shipping Industrial and Construction sector.

Unijet waterjetting applications up to 500 Bar:

  • Surface preparation prior to painting. Roadstripe removal with sandblasting equipment or hot water application
  • Ship & boat cleaning, tanks, mixers, rust removal with sandblasting equipment, docks and general cleaning on board, containers, refineries, chemical plants, food industry etc
  • Removal of marine growth, barnacles, underwater blasting, pipe cleaning

Technical Characteristics

Engine design:

  • Choice of Lombardini or Yanmar
  • Four-stroke water cooled diesel engine

Pump design:

  • Stainless steel crankshaft drive pump with five ceramic plungers for high efficiency, long service life and low maintenance costs
  • Pump max. water temperature at 45˚C
  • Thermal valve
  • Pressure regulator valve (adjusting pressure from 50 bar up to max. operating pressure)
  • Safety valve (set 10% above operating pressure) for pump protection against overpressure
  • Pump oil level indicator

High pressure unit design:

  • Skid manufactured with galvanized steel robust and wear resistant, fully equipped with lift hooks or fork pockets
  • Fuel tank manufactured from stainless steel 304L 3mm with adequate capacity to keep the engine supported with level switch
  • Water tank manufactured from stainless steel 304L 3mm with adequate capacity to keep the pump supported
  • Powerband belt drive providing high torque carrying capabilities
  • Booster pump belt driven
  • Safety shutdown systems protecting against low oil pressure and high temperature
  • Inlet pressure switch against poor water flow
  • 10-micron inlet water filter for long service life of the pump
  • Booster pressure gauge
  • High pressure gauge for visual pressure monitoring with pressure snubber, absorbing vibration shocks and providing more accurate pressure readings
  • Control panel with instrumentation
  • Pressure switch for booster pressure control
  • Certification of 45’ machine test run on max. operating pressure


Model 500D30
Max. operating pressure 500 bar
Max. water flow rate 30 lpm
Engine output power 41 KW / 55 HP
Plunger material Solid ceramic
Pump head material Stainless Steel
Motor speed 2220 rpm
Crankshaft speed 1450 rpm
Weight 150 Kg
Dimensions 150x200x150 cm

 *Indicative model photo

The unit comes with the following equipment (standard configuration):

  • High pressure gun
  • 70cm high pressure lance
  • Flat jet nozzle
  • 10m high pressure hose 250 bar
  • Manual book


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